Remo Bianchedi (EspacioCentro)

No. 2. Special Edition ArteBA ’07 – Friday May 18, 2007

Remo Bianchedi (1950) uses his own history to refer to two exhibitions that represented a shift in his production. He takes the concept of innocence as a starting point to resignify the script of his own life through artistic practice. Based on Joseph Beuys’ (his master in exile) expanded concept of art, he reconciles the ideas of knowing and doing, by once again using those innocents who in 2000 were the initial capital for the creation of the Nautilius Foundation in La Cumbre (Córdoba). On that occasion, the artist reflected on young people excluded from the system and set up a training center using art as a tool. A few years later, in Cuerpos en regreso (“Returning Bodies”) that he exhibited in Puerto Madryn, the characters waved like mirrored flags reflecting the ocean as part of the narrative of Argentine history, of political exile, of economic exile and also of return, because leaving always implies returning. Today he revisits these innocents with the drawing done on T-shirts that were made in the Nautilius, which are later intervened by him on cardboard in a multiple series. Five artworks mark the beginning of the series that began seven years ago. In wooden showcases with a glass lid, the artist makes an edition of 10 copies in ink on paper. With a renewed spirit, Bianchedi leaves behind the plundering and the sadness to offer a renewed idea that allows him to take up the thread of his own labyrinth again: innocence as a form of resistance, giving testimony of permanence by continuing to paint every day.